Swing Sleeve

The Swing Sleeve is a tennis racquet sleeve that is used for resistance training.  It can be used to warm-up, cool down or while performing various strokes.

In addition to providing resistance, the sleeve provides feedback and racquet head awareness to the player through the feel of the racquet position and body mechanics while executing the stroke.

The Swing Sleeve can be used with virtually any stroke including forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads and serves.

The Swing Sleeve is made of durable mule skin fabric and designed to slide over the racquet head.  It can be used alone or with the Swing Max or Swing Band.

Fits most player racquets.

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Installation/Removal: Place the racquet handle between your arm and torso with the racquet head in front of you.  Use both hands to slide the Swing Sleeve over the racquet head and adjust seams to sides.  Slip the sleeve off the racquet prior to hitting live balls.

Recommended Use: The Swing Sleeve can be used for warmups and drills with virtually all tennis strokes.  Begin each routine with moderate speed and build up to your maximum level.  The Swing Sleeve can also be used with the Swing Max - Tennis Racquet Training Weight to achieve additional resistance levels.

Caution: The Swing Sleeve is designed to be used for resistance training to increase strength and endurance.  Discontinue use if you experience any pain or discomfort in the wrist, arm, shoulder or other areas.

Recommended Age: 12 & Older (with adult supervision)

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