The ultimate tennis training tool. The Swing Max - Tennis Racquet Resistance Training Weight can be used to warmup or to develop your stroke power, control and consistency.

The Swing Max adds 8.5 ounces of weight at the throat of the racquet which allows players to use virtually any player racquet in a variety of resistance training drills.  With the Swing Max, you can perform all tennis strokes and develop specific associated muscle groups.

The Swing Max can be used for shadow hitting, feeding drills or while hitting live balls with an opponent.

Players can also create various levels of resistance by combining the Swing Max with the Swing Sleeve.

The Swing Max is made of durable rubber and connects with a built-in high-grade nut and bolt system.

Will not damage racquet.

Swing Max Installation

Installation/Removal: Place the separate discs on each side of the racquet throat.  Grip one of the discs and screw the other disc clockwise until securely fastened.  It is important to tighten the discs securely to the racquet to eliminate slippage.  The Swing Max is designed to be tightly screwed onto the racquet.  To remove, follow these steps in a counter-clockwise direction.

Important Notice: The Swing Max can be mounted up and down the racquet throat to adjust the weight and balance of the racquet.  Placement of the Swing Max at the widest point of the racquet throat is not recommended and could cause slippage or loosening of the racquet weight.  If the Swing Max becomes loose or slips during use, you should immediately re-adjust and tighten the racquet weight securely before continuing use.

Caution: The Swing Max is designed to be used for resistance training to increase strength and endurance.  Discontinue use if you experience any pain or discomfort in the wrist, arm, shoulder or other areas.  Not recommended for hitting live ball tennis serves.

Recommended Age: 14 & Older (with adult supervision)

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