For the past year, Tennis Power Trainer, LLC has been developing a line of tennis resistance training equipment.  Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our company to the tennis community.

Resistance training methods and equipment have grown in popularity in the majority of sports for many years.  As these methods and equipment develop, they become more specific to the individual sport and the motions and movements of that sport.  With tennis, these motions and movements involve the racquet.  Our resistance training equipment is made to be used with the tennis racquet while performing tennis-specific movements.

Players that incorporate resistance training into their routines will realize several benefits.  The use of resistance training can increase strength, speed and stamina.  Resistance training can also be used to help prevent injuries as well as to recover from injuries when they occur.

We will provide news and information here in our Tennis Power Blog on a variety of tennis-related subjects.  In the future, we will bring stories of interest about people, places and all things tennis-training related.  We invite you to provide your ideas and recommendations for topics of interest to you.

Our equipment was designed to be used by all players, but we are particularly involved with players in high-performance junior competition and professionals.  

Soon, we will be hosting and sponsoring special events and promotional contests to promote our equipment and brand.  We invite you to visit and like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram or join our mailing list to stay informed of our activities and special offers.

Be sure to bookmark our site and visit our Demos & Drills section for training drills and demonstration videos relating to our equipment and tennis resistance training.

We are proud to be associated with - and supported by - some very well-known coaches and players.  We look forward to building more relationships in the future.

TPT Pre-Order Special

Starting today, we are offering a 20% pre-order discount on all of our training equipment for orders placed in our online store.  Be one of the first players to get your Tennis Power Trainer resistance training equipment.  Orders will be shipped in early July.